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Homeschool Methods and Philosophies By Curriculum Choice

Homeschooling your child is a huge commitment of time and resources such as an essay writing service or other online platforms. Many parents do not feel disciplined enough to do it. But those that do find that the educational experience can bet better for their child. If you have been homeschooling your child for a while now, then the time has come for your child’s first exam or tests. You have been following the curriculum for the home school program as diligently as you can, but some of the suggested methods of homeschool curriculum review have not been particularly effective for your child. Thus, you would like some more effective ideas for homeschool curriculum review.

The first thing that you need to do when it comes to selecting the right homeschool curriculum review is to observe the teaching methods that have thus far worked best for your child. If you are homeschooling your child because you think he or she requires more specialized attention, then you should be sure to keep that in mind. Does this attention require you setting a lot of boundaries, or does your child benefit from have a more laid back learning environment?

If your child needs more rules and a very structured learning environment, then you will have to be a bit stricter with your homeschool curriculum review. It might be easy for your child to become distracted in their own home while learning, so it would be best if you conducted each lesson in certain area of the house that is free from any distractions. Some parents even convert a room in their home into a classroom.

Also, assign certain studying hours. Some children need this structure, otherwise they would never study at all! So, when it comes time for a homeschool curriculum review, be sure that your child studies or goes over the material on his or her own at least an hour a day prior to the exam. Of course, this time can be adjusted in accordance with the child’s age, as well as how easily the child has learned the material thus far.

If your child benefits from a less structured learning environment, if you live in an area where the weather is warm and nice most of the time, an idea is to teach the child outside in a designated area of the lawn. When it comes to home school curriculum review, a fun way for the child to review the material is to have various review games.

For example, if there is going to be a test on a foreign language, play a memory game in which half of the cards have a drawing of an object, and the other half have the word in the language that the child is learning. For more information on various homeschool review methods, search the internet, as there are a variety of websites with forums on which home schooling parents can share resources. You are sure to find the most effective review methods with the proper research.

A good curriculum review is essential to the success of your child (or why else would traditional education put so much emphasis on test scores?). With a good curriculum review, you can test your child to see what their strong points are and which areas need further review and study. One of the benefits of homeschooling is that your child can receive the individual attention that they need and you can concentrate on problem areas of study to help your child succeed.

Education thesis

Education thesis is the first thing you should include to your paper. It is an obligatory part of any essay or research. Why is it so important? Thesis statement plays an essential role in the whole writing. On the one hand, it helps you be concentrated on one major idea throughout the whole paper. On the other hand, it is a map of your writing for the reader. Here you indicate all the things you are going to discuss in the writing and try to catch the reader’s attention. In other words, a thesis statement is a hook to get the reader’s attention from the first paragraph of the paper.

How to write essay thesis? If you cannot answer this question you will not be able to create a splendid thesis statement. What to do in this case? Go to the library and learn more about this part of writing. If you do not want to do this, there is a simpler way to get a splendid thesis statement – get in touch with our writers. This is a guarantee of success because they are pretty good at writing perfect theses.

thesis statement

Your paper is half-written if you have an excellent thesis statement. Pay attention to these possible mistakes in order to create a winning thesis of your own;

  • The thesis statement is written with the help of very complicated terms
  • It is presented in a form of a question
  • The thesis is a long and complicated sentence; it is too difficult to understand it
  • There are a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes in your thesis
  • It does not introduce the problem discussed in the writing
  • It is placed in the body of the paper or in its conclusion
  • The idea presented with the help of a thesis statement and one in the paper are different
  • There are two themes in the paper
  • A thesis statement consists just of one single phrase
  • It is too simple and presents no new information to the reader
  • It is not catching and involving the reader into the problem under consideration
  • It is about nothing and everything at the same time

So, try not to make the same mistakes in the thesis of your own. It is advisable to have several sample theses at hand in order to get an idea of what a thesis statement is and how to create it. You may prepare several drafts of your thesis statement and read them to someone. This will help you to choose the best thesis statement.

Some people recommend writing an education thesis when you have already completed the4 whole paper. But in this case, you have no idea to follow during the process of writing. That is why it is better to start a paper with your pithy thesis.

Typewriters? Shorthand? How Times Have Changed

A recent gift to the Bridgeport Public Library Historical Collections was this small wooden ruler, only six inches in length. The ruler had the name “Gutchess College” engraved on the side, with the address 46 to 54 Cannon Street.
What was Gutchess College?
The Bridgeport City directory for 1911 gives us the answer. S.D. Gutchess was the proprietor of the Gutchess College at 46 Cannon Street. The ad in the 1911 city directory says that Stephen D. Gutchess took over as the proprietor of the college from Brown’s Business College. Brown had started this school n 1896 teaching young men and women about the business trade.

Long before computers, instructors taught stenography, typewriting, telegraphy and bookkeeping. The school boasted that they filled “had 500 positions annually.” The 1911 city directory said that they had thirty typewriters at the school, and “up-to-date” instruction.
My how times have changed!

Martin Luther King in Bridgeport?

A question arises every year in Bridgeport. Did Martin Luther King visit Bridgeport?
On at least four occasions, Reverend Martin Luther King spoke to crowds in Bridgeport. The first time was in 1961 when the Reverend King was invited by the University of Bridgeport to give a lecture at Klein Auditorium.
More than 2,700 people attended the lecture.
In 1962, Reverend King spoke at Central High School in a program co-sponsored by the NAACP and the Interdenominational and Ministerial Alliance of Greater Bridgeport.
In early 1964, just months after President Kennedy’s assassination, King spoke again to a capacity crowd at Klein Auditorium.
King said, “I think that the greatest tribute Americans can pay to the memory of John F. Kennedy is to see the civil rights bill is passed just as Kennedy presented it.”
The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King’s last visit was on March 13, 1966. He spoke to a large and racially mixed crowd at Klein Auditorium.
When the civil rights leader was assassinated in 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee, a local memorial service was held at Klein Auditorium. The audience overflowed out into the street.

Submarines in Bridgeport

Inventor Simon Lake believed that the undersea world contained a vast wealth of natural treasures that were waiting to be tapped.

Besides the obvious riches of fish, Lake saw a world on which a great abundance of oil could be tapped from the sea as well.

Lake was always a dreamer, and he came from a family of inventors. His grandfather invented a seed the planting machine, his father invented a window shade roller and his cousin invented the telephone.

Simon Lake even named his son after Thomas Edison. It was Lake’s dream after reading Jules Verne’s 1870 book, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” to invent a submarine. Lake launched America’s first successful submarine in 1897.

The Lake Torpedo Boat Company was located on Seaview Avenue in Bridgeport’s East End. Often, local residents would travel down to the Long Island Sound shore in Bridgeport to see the latest submarine being launched. The events would attract huge crowds.

In 1918, Lake began to build R-21 submarines under government contract, joining in the World War I munitions activities with the rest of the local factories.

This photograph depicts the Lake Torpedo boatyard off Seaview Avenue in 1922. Pleasure Beach is visible in the background.