Thesis And Opinion Statements

The part of the thesis statement is to think about the antithesis the antithesis is the opposite point of view from what you are proposing and it’s often a phrase in your thesis statement that begins with although let’s have a look at an example you might think one of the opposite points of view for why stricter speed limit should be introduced well perhaps it’s costly it’s difficult to monitor to enforce so these are the elements that are going to go into your although phrase so you might come up with something like this although enforcing lower highways speed limits is difficult and costly lower highways speed limits are needed because they save lives and protect the environment and that is an example of a complete thesis statement that you could come up with you can see that it has all three parts.

An opinion statement the elements of support and an emphasis let’s have a look at another example here you can see the three elements of a thesis statement very clearly although primary school language programs are expensive to do maintain foreign language education is important because it aids cognitive development and ultimately contributes to global understanding now in this thesis statement we can clearly see that the opinion is that foreign language education is important the elements of supportive and cognitive development and it contributes to global understanding and the antithesis is that these programs are expensive to develop and to maintain so let’s practice writing a thesis statement let’s ask the question should school leavers do some form of national service when they leave school firstly think what is your opinion yes or no then one of the elements of support you can give to support your position and finally what are the counter arguments to your opinion here’s an example of a thesis statement to answer this question all those civil liberties groups maintain their national services of containment of freedoms and civil rights national service is necessary in New Zealand because it teaches young people’s self-discipline and allows them to make a positive contribution to the growth of the country now if you have the opposite point of view.

The thesis statement could easily be twisted and here we have the example although some people believe that national service teaches them people’s self-discipline and allows them to make a contribution to the growth of the country national service is not desirable in New Zealand because it curtails freedoms and violates the civil rights of citizens okay so now we know how to construct a thesis statement and we can move on to step four of writing do you say and that is to think about the organization the three main points of an essay are the introduction the body and the conclusion now in the introduction there should be three things happening first thing you need to set up the general context of your topic you may wish to give background information about the topic or you may wish to explain the topic significance you might ask intriguing questions to get your reader involved.